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Insured and underwritten spatial data for long-term owners of real estate, including pensions funds, REITs and historic estates, so you can deliver effective property management.

Long-term owners solution

Enhance tenant experience, increase long-term value and optimise operational efficiency

Verified spatial data is essential for making informed portfolio management decisions that maximise value.

15% cost saving with project issues found and fixed faster
Employee of long-term owner of real estate looking at Stak data on a tablet device, wearing a high-vis jacket and safety helment
75%decrease in costly in-person site visits
Modern city buildings with Stak 3D model overlay
30%reduction in time to complete design process
Two architects working together on a Stak Revit model that appears on a computer screen

Grosvenor case study

“As a customer and investor, we’ve been impressed by the accuracy, speed and quality of the output, and how it can help us improve data driven decision making”
Andy Doyle, Innovation Director at Grosvenor

Deliverables include:

  • Stak Verified® measurements
  • General arrangement plans
  • Professional photography and virtual tours
  • 2D CAD development/construction drawings
  • 3D Revit modelling
  • Consolidated asset register of entire portfolio displayed via individual digital brochure pages and accessed via Stak Hub
Example Stak 3D Revit model, interior view
Example Stak CAD section drawing
Example Stak 3D Revit model, interior view
Example Stak 3D Revit model, interior view

Use cases

Rely on Stak Verified® data for a wide range of common scenarios

Facilities management and design

  • Faster design, space planning and approval process with BIM-ready 3D Revit® models, enabling collaboration across internal and external teams, and support regulatory compliance
  • Optimised equipment installation, including obtaining faster, more accurate estimates and efficient planning for repairs
  • Verified schedule of areas reporting, compliant with international and local measurement standards, critical for lease management, including lease administration and accounting
  • Use dimensional data and 3D models to document above ground utilities, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) equipment and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)
  • Replace time-consuming, inaccurate and uninsured manual measurements with guaranteed accurate and compliant Stak Verified® measurements

Lease management

  • Facilitate lease negotiations by providing landlords and tenants with accurate spatial data and detailed floor plans, aiding in space visualisation and layout discussions
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and minimise the risk of disputes by offering transparent and reliable property information
  • Facilitate insurance underwriting processes by providing insurers with Stak Verified® spatial data, including guaranteed accurate and compliant area measurements
  • Enhance valuation accuracy by leveraging verified area measurements and comprehensive condition reporting, minimising discrepancies and uncertainties

Marketing, sales, disposals and new lettings

  • Enhance property listings with guaranteed accurate floor plans, compliant with measurement standards, high-quality 3D models and virtual tours, captivating prospective buyers and accelerating sales cycles
  • Showcase property features, layouts, and amenities in an interactive and engaging manner, to highlight unique aspects of London's iconic properties
  • Provide prospective tenants with BIM-ready, professional 3D Revit® models and CAD assets to enable faster, more efficient bespoke fit out process

Safety inspections, emergency planning and response

  • Increase situational awareness for employees and first responders in case of an emergency
  • Stak delivers fire safety compliant floor plans, that support in planning emergency routes and response strategies
  • Train employees and provide superior visibility to first responders in the case of emergency
  • Stak’s digital twins enables facilities managers and engineers to determine the most suitable and compliant location of critical equipment

Employee and contractor training

  • Easily distribute an accurate 3D model and virtual tour of your facilities with new or visiting employees, so they can quickly understand your space
  • Easy to use, intuitive and interactive online platform that all required team members can use
  • Educate new employees on complex facilities, especially in hard to reach or potentially dangerous areas, resulting in reduced human error and more consistent operational processes
  • Replace time-consuming, inaccurate and uninsured manual measurements with guaranteed accurate and compliant Stak Verified® measurements

Sustainability and decarbonisation

  • Verified spatial data is the critical starting point for ESG initiatives, where FM teams can understand their buildings in greater detail than ever
  • Remote site visits saves time and cost, whilst also reducing carbon emissions. On average, a digital twin avoids around 0.15 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted, the equivalent of driving a car for over 400 miles
  • BIM-ready 3D models and verified spatial data supports a wide-range of retrofitting initiatives, including efficient installation of PV panels, LED lighting, efficient HVAC and smart metering

Owners lose $11 billion annually due to poor interoperability of systems and lost project data

Autodesk report

Our product

We rapidly capture and digitise your buildings

From a single Stak capture, you will receive best-in-class digital assets, guaranteed and insured for accuracy.

Stak Digital Surveyor visits building

Scan and capture

Data upload to cloud

Rigorous quality control

Stak Verified®
data is delivered

Stak Revit
Stak CAD
Example CAD section by Stak
Stak Verified® floor plan
Example Stak Verified floor plan

Asset delivery

Easy to use online client platform

  • Access verified and insured spatial data of your buildings
  • Secured central hub for all your buildings
  • Online access to enable realtime decisions from anywhere in the world
  • Can be organised on a portfolio level
  • User access control within your organisation
  • Private links to assets for exclusive access

Our experience

The trusted surveying partner for long-term owners of real estate

We're a global team of industry leading specialists in surveying, architecture, technology and International Property Measurement Standards.

100,000 +digital twins
250 million +square feet
$350 billion +under digital management
Still image of an example Stak 3D Revit model with a high level of detail