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Help protect your building and its occupants with Stak Verified® floor plans

Stak Verified floor plans can help with fire safety by providing emergency responders with detailed information about the layout of a building, including the location of exits, stairwells, elevators, and other critical infrastructure.

This information can be used to develop evacuation plans and ensure that emergency response teams are able to navigate the building quickly and efficiently in the event of a fire.

The global leader in measurement data

Our market leading, verified accuracy is powered by best-in-class technology and underwritten by a global insurance policy

Laser scan
Proprietary software

Using SLAM technology, we have transformed the way spatial data is captured. Stak’s property captures, carried out by RICS certified Digital Surveyors, generate millions of data points using best-in-class Leica Geosystems hardware to understand and scan the built environment.

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Stak is the global leader in commercial real estate measurement

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