Stak photography empty office
Stak photography furnished office
Stak photography exterior office
Stak photography office reception
Stak photography office hallway
Stak photography meeting room
Stak photography lecture room
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing sections
Stak Verified CAD drawing
Stak Verified CAD drawing

Best-in-class digital assets for commercial real estate

Stak Verified assets for commercial real estate

99% accurate measurements

420,000 points of measurement per second

5x faster compared to traditional surveyors

2D Cad Design Pack

In addition, our industry-leading Building Insights team can produce CAD drawings

Stak Verified, natively generated floor plans in .dwg format

Example Stak digital brochure page

Building sections

Example Stak digital brochure page

Internal and external elevations

Example Stak digital brochure page

Other offerings

3D Revit modelling

Utilising the point cloud data captured from the original scan, Stak is able to produce additional assets on demand without the need to revisit the property ever again. Our 3D models are accurate representations of real spaces.

Construction audits: your documented archive of every phase of development

We compare your proposed drawings against as-is site conditions at time of capture. You can share this analysis with all professionals involved with the project, so you can establish the impact of any variances. This documented log of a property development benefits many purposes such as future alterations, repairs and MEP maintenance.

Comparison of structural CAD underlay and point cloud elements
Point cloud model
Structural CAD underlay
Visual comparison at different stages of development

Plus a wide range of other assets, all available from a single capture

Site information drawing (SID)
Land registry lease plan
Certified retail zoning plan
Duty of care letters
Schedule of areas report
Gross external area (GEA) plan
Schedule of conditions report
Schedule of dilapidations

Let's work together

We’re working with leading real estate professionals to unlock even greater value from our captures. If you’re interested in having a commercial space captured, or have any questions, please get in touch with our team today.
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