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Improve efficiency and highlight discrepancies at an early stage

From a single visit to the site, we produce a wealth of 3D data and an accurate digital twin of any property. This coupled with our high level of accuracy serves as a reference point for all stakeholders allowing efficient decision making over all phases of a development.

These are crucial differentiators in a global industry suffering from a lack of transparency and the widespread use of inaccurate data. The construction industry has always accepted variances that can cause delays and impact budgets. Our goal is to reduce these tolerances at every stage of the development with verified, accurate data.

Your documented archive of
every phase of development

Our RICS certified Digital Surveyors capture real estate using state-of-the-art digital technology. This data is uploaded to the cloud whilst on site, powered by proprietary technology. Using the scan data we are then able to produce an accurate 3D model (digital twin).

Point cloud model
Structural CAD underlay

At every phase you receive a virtual tour and photography, with a final capture post-completion to allow incoming agents or facility management
to scroll through the timeline of any area

First capture

You’ll receive our 3D Revit model representing the as-is conditions of the site, alongside a Construction Audit. We compare your proposed drawings against as-is site conditions at time of capture. You can share this analysis with all professionals involved with the project, so you can establish the impact of any variances.

Every following capture

You’ll receive an updated construction audit and 3D Revit model. This will form the basis of a scan-to-BIM model.

Example project

Before conditions
After conditions

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