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Achieve ESG goals with verified spatial data for your real estate portfolio

The climate crisis

40% of carbon emissions come from buildings

Technology in real estate has the capacity to drive substantial efficiency gains, streamline operations and, ultimately, reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. Our latest White Paper highlights the importance of accurate data in the pursuit of net zero.

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Use cases for digital twins

Verified digital twins are a critical step towards decarbonising real estate

There are many applications for digital twins in real estate, including conducting audits and identifying areas where improvements can be made, such as reducing water consumption or replacing ageing lamps with LED lighting. An accurate 3D model can also help to identify areas where insulation should be added, or where heat pumps and solar panels could be installed. This can reduce the cost and time to implement sustainable projects.

Smart metering
Transition to LED lighting
PV panels
According to research by EY:

Digital twins can increase building maintenance and operational efficiency by 35%

Source: “Digital twin: the Age of Aquarius in construction and real estate” report by EY

Retrofitting upgrades real estate to meet modern standards and reduce environmental impact

With an accurate, verified digital twin, stakeholders can simulate different retrofitting scenarios and estimate the impact of each option on energy consumption. 3D models can enable efficient off-site precision fabrication and manufacturing of retrofit systems. It can also be used to provide accurate, life-like visualisations of the future development.

The benefits of digital twins

Better decision-making

Integrate all data about the building, digital twin create a central view to streamline decision-making.

Increase user engagement and satisfaction

Sensors, analytics, and AI allow to monitor and anticipate tenant needs.

Improve design

Allows for quick iteration of improvements based on accurate data of the building and integration of systems.

Enable sustainability

Can model and simulate design choices to assess carbon impact and contribution to net-zero goals.

Optimise physical space

Accurate 3D model of space allows to assess current condition, model scenarios and recommend changes.

Future proof organisations

Transforms owner’s relationship with building and tenants while improving costs.

Your partner in esg projects

The starting point of any ESG strategy for real estate is accurate, verified spatial data

We have developed our offering to support the needs of the industry by establishing a first-of-its-kind Building Insights team. They enable our clients to improve their understanding of their assets, utilising the accurate measurement data captured by Stak’s teams of Digital Surveyors to drive value. Considering both 2D and 3D measurements helps to fully understand a building’s DNA, the vital starting point in achieving in-depth knowledge of its carbon footprint.

Verified digital twins
Stak point cloud
Stak 3D revit modelStak 3D revit model
3D modelling
Stak Verified floor plan
Stak Verified floor plans

The global leader in measurement accuracy

Our market leading, verified accuracy is powered by best-in-class technology and underwritten by a global insurance policy

Laser scan
Proprietary software

Using SLAM technology, we have transformed the way spatial data is captured. Stak’s property captures, carried out by RICS certified Digital Surveyors, generate millions of data points using best-in-class Leica Geosystems hardware to understand and scan the built environment.

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