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Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan

Example Stak Lease Plan

A Stak lease plan is an accurate drawing which identifies a leasehold demise within a property.


  • When a lease of 7 years or more is being instated
  • When land forming part of a registered title or that has been previously unregistered is being sold
  • When a section of land is being split into two or more parts and being sold


  • Digital PDF print


  • Lease Plan
  • A Location Plan
  • North Point
  • Sufficient detail to be identified on the Ordinance Survey map
  • Any land associated with the property, including gardens, paths and garages
  • Shows the property's general location, by showing roads, road junctions and other landmarks
  • Clearly identified demised areas, communal areas and external demised areas by either edging, colouring or hatching. Scale bar and a plan key
  • Buildings in their correct or intended position
  • Intricate boundaries with a larger scale or inset plan

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