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When to use digital twins as part of commercial real estate ESG analysis

Buildings account for a staggering 40% of CO2 emissions, contributing to climate change from the construction phase to day-to-day operations. Tackling this challenge requires a comprehensive approach that considers the entire life cycle of buildings. With this complex landscape, decision makers may wonder where to start on their sustainability journey.

Our team understands the critical importance of accurate data when it comes to driving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. Just as an accountant needs accurate data to audit financial accounts, real estate companies require precise and verified spatial data to develop and implement effective ESG strategies. Accurate data serves as the foundation upon which sustainable real estate practices can be built.

Investing in spatial data capture

At Stak, we recognise the pivotal role that data plays in advancing ESG goals for real estate. That's why we have invested heavily in comprehensive spatial data capture that supports the entire real estate life cycle, from design and development to construction and leasing. Our commitment to accurate and verified spatial data ensures that companies have the reliable information they need to make informed decisions and drive sustainable practices.

Stak takes pride in providing verified accuracy through our best-in-class digital mapping technology. We have developed cutting-edge solutions that enable real estate companies to analyse spatial data with unparalleled precision. Our accuracy is globally insured, providing clients with peace of mind and assurance that their spatial data is guaranteed.

By leveraging Stak's verified spatial data, real estate companies can unlock a range of benefits that contribute to their ESG goals. Accurate and reliable data allows companies to optimise their energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and enhance operational efficiency. It enables informed decision-making in areas such as building design, construction materials, energy management, and tenant engagement.

Stak integrates with software such as Autodesk Revit Insight

Enhancing ESG reporting and strategy

Accurate spatial data empowers real estate companies to improve their ESG reporting and transparency. With reliable data, companies have the basis on which they can measure and monitor their environmental impact, track progress towards sustainability targets and disclose relevant information to stakeholders. By demonstrating a commitment to data-driven sustainability practices, companies can enhance their reputation, attract socially responsible investors, and foster trust with tenants and communities.

Stak is more than a provider of verified digital twins; we are a partner in driving ESG success for real estate companies. Our comprehensive spatial data capabilities, verified accuracy and industry-leading technology enable companies to embark on their sustainability journey with greater confidence. We are committed to supporting our clients in achieving their ESG goals, helping them navigate the challenges of the built environment and shaping a more sustainable future.

How Stak supports ESG analysis of commercial real estate

As the urgency to address the climate crisis grows, our industry-leading Building Insights team are working with forward-thinking clients, including landlords, architects, investors and government agencies to contribute to critical ESG analysis. Contact our team today to discover how Stak can help support your ESG strategy.

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