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Stak Core package

Stak Core digital asset pack example

The Stak Core pack can be used for check measurement purposes for office and industrial spaces, where the accuracy of existing spatial data is in question or when new plans are required to local measurement standards. Included with every Stak Core pack:

  • Stak Core floor plan
  • Measurement report
  • Measurement certificate
  • All properties in a consolidated view via Stak Hub

Stak Core floor plans are compliant with the local measurement standards and government requirements, including RICS 6th Edition in the UK, to BOMA in USA, and DLD in Dubai.

The site visit is completed by a RICS Certified Stak Digital Surveyor. Our global team of Digital Surveyors are highly trained, insured and employed by Stak.

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Stak Digital Surveyor capturing commercial real estate

Our online client portal, Stak Hub, provides access to all deliverables in a digital format

With Stak Hub, you can view and download all Stak digital assets in one convenient portal.

Stak customer using Stak Hub online client platform

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